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Dress shop management

Creating encounter with dresses that dress your life.

We work directly with more than 30 designers in 13 countries around the world, including New York and Europe.
We are involved in the business of dress rent, both domestically and internationally, with a focus on imported wedding dresses.

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Business Summary

Multiple brands shops to meet a variety of needs.

Since our full-scale entry into the wedding costume business in 1994, we have been operating various dress shops as the leading company organizing weddings in hotels, guesthouses, and other wedding facilities. We have developed a variety of dress shops to meet customer needs. Currently, we have 42 dress shops in total: 41 shops in Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu and 1 overseas shop. We work directly with more than 30 designers in 13 countries and import wedding dresses to offer attractive and cutting-edge dresses from around the world, selected by buyers.


Our Vison

Dress rent, the unique Japanese culture to the world.

We expand the business model of dress rent, that has developed in Japan's unique wedding culture, to overseas. In overseas weddings, wedding dresses are considered to be worn only once on the day of the wedding. Such short life cycle results in a high environmental impact. As environmental awareness grows worldwide, we believe that dress rent can play a very important role. In the future, based on our own dress rent operations and unique know-how that we have established over the years, we will actively open new shops overseas and expand our business in Asia and other regions around the world.


Our Value

Each and every coordinator, the source of value.

In addition to our domestic and international networks and product capabilities, our greatest strength is our approximately 150 dress coordinators with expertise and high customer service skills. They accompany customers and bring out the best of their charms which even the customers themselves are unaware of. In order to enhance each coordinator's customer service skills, we focus on human resource development through a variety of training programs throughout the year, and recruitment activities. Each and every one of us embodies our purpose of "Dress the Life".

Our Brands

  • juno


    Eternal Elegance is the concept of this dress brand. With a commitment to authenticity, pursuit of high quality, and understanding of tradition, they innovate and guide "now" to the everlasting radiance. It was our very first brand when we started our dress business in 1994 and is still the representative brand of Dress the Life.


  • fiorebianca


    "Fiore Bianca" means "white flower" in Italian, and its concept is "be with you". In order to realize the bride's unique style, it offers not only imported dresses, but also many original dresses that have been carefully selected. Another feature is that their shops are located mainly in regional areas.


  • authentique


    "Authentique" means "genuine" in French. Authentique selects dresses and fabrics with genuine beauty from all over the world, incorporating the essence of Europe, the birthplace of dresses, in order to fulfil the wishes of women who love and desire to be more authentic. The brand was created in 2015 when the company came to Tokyo and the first shop opened in Ginza.


  • HWIT


    From the dazzling light, white, and then the various colors spread, finally becoming the color that symbolizes you. We want to create the dress unique in the world to see the most beautiful smile. It is with this desire that we created this brand, offering haute couture dresses tailored to each and every one of our customers.